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I am a Web Developer, I do:

  • Entrepreneurship, for innovation
  • Programming teaching, for transmission
  • Hackathons, for fun
  • Freelance, for sustainability
  • Volonteering, for others
  • Personal projects, for me

Work Together

Back-end Development

My favourite backend solutions are Ruby on Rails and Node.js , but I use Google App Engine as well and I know PHP in case.

Front-end Development

I love being interfaced with a RESTful API using MVC librairies like Angular.js or Backbone.js, but I do also traditional websites using other librairies.


I can advise you on many web-related topics: design, User experience (UX), web tools, hosting, registring, SEO, technology advice...

Your specific Need

I love to learn, so if you have a new challenge to face, contact me so I can help!


Sublime Your Code
Last Update 25/03/2014|Language(s)

Tips and shortcut for Sublime Text usage. Presentation made for Le Wagon

Copass + Ruby on Rails = <3
Last Update 25/03/2014|Language(s)

If we were to start over with Copass, what are the good choices we’d keep and the lessons we’d learn?

Learn the Web
Last Update 09/04/2013|Language(s)

I believe anyone can learn to program the Web himself. Here are resources I find useful.

Web Music
Last Update 11/04/2013|Language(s)

Little show around of all the music sources possibilities.